Empathetic retail experiences are still possible in the AI age

When it comes to standing out in the ultra-competitive retail landscape, personalization is key. Delivering customer experiences (CX) that feel tailored to each shopper’s individual needs is how retailers can differentiate themselves from the competition and grow loyalty.

At the same time, advances in AI offer undeniable advantages brands can’t afford to ignore: in ease, efficiency, and cost benefits.

So how can retailers retain their personal touch and empathy in the AI age? By striking the right balance of AI and humans, where each empowers the other to work better and smarter.

Know what requires a human touch, and what doesn’t

Not all interactions require a human touch. When customers simply want to check on the status of an order, for instance, they’re not looking for a highly-personalized or empathetic experience – they just want simple information that’s accurate and quick.

Don’t waste your most valuable resources, your people, where they’re not truly needed. Delegate tasks to intelligent automation where it makes sense, so your associates can focus on more impactful interactions that boost loyalty, grow customer satisfaction, and drive sales.

Use AI to empower (not replace) associates

AI can handle many tasks, but associates remain essential. They are the front line of a brand and a vital part of contact centers and CX.

AI shouldn’t replace associates; it should enable them to do their jobs better. When simple and repetitive tasks are taken off associates’ plates by automation, they’re freed up to focus on more meaningful interactions.

One of AI’s greatest benefits is its ability to comb through mountains of data and put relevant information at associates’ fingertips quickly. Use it to help associates find relevant information faster, so they can help customers more quickly.

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