The TTEC AI Readiness Assessment and Benchmark

It seems like everyone is talking about AI these days. Lots of hype. But where is the help?

We’ve created a 10-question assessment as a place for you to start.

This assessment will provide you with a benchmark on how your AI readiness for CX compares with the current market.

Our CX strategists built this benchmark around four key competencies that are critical for AI and customer experience success:


  • AI & Business: What outcomes do you hope to achieve with AI and how does your business strategy align with those goals?
  • Customer Interactions: How do your customers view your self-service and automation capabilities today?
  • Associate Augmentation: What ways can AI improve associate productivity and engagement?
  • Analytics and Platform: What tech platforms and analytics tools do you need to power your AI strategy.


Is your organization ready for AI? Let’s find out.


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