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Get the real story from CX experts James Bednar of TTEC and Aaron Schroeder of TTEC Digital, as they separate fact from fiction and bust common AI myths for customer experience leaders.

Is your organization ready for AI?

Are you overwhelmed by the recent hype around AI? Do you want to understand the impact of generative AI on your customer experience? Want to find a way to build a practical strategy to responsibly integrate AI into your customer experience?

You are not alone. We are here to help!

There's a lot to learn

Dig in with the latest thought leadership

What you need to know about AI’s past, present, and future and how it fits in the current and future CX ecosystem

Where AI has the biggest impact on customer experience efforts and the applications of AI in the CX domain

AI is about augmentation, not replacement. Explore where, when, and how people play a role

Examination of the guardrails and capabilities needed to manage AI in appropriate, ethical, and responsible ways


Cordial communications

An AI-enhanced writing tool is enthusiastically adopted by contact center associates to draft professional, engaging, and personalized messages to customers.

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