Integrate AI into your
customer experience

Personalize the customer journey, augment associate productivity,
increase revenue, and improve operating efficiencies.

Is your organization
ready for AI?

Are you overwhelmed by the recent hype around AI? Do you want to understand the impact of generative AI on your customer experience? Want to find a way to build a practical strategy to responsibly integrate AI into your customer experience?

You are not alone.
We are here to help!

Top 10 uses for AI
in the CX space:

  1. Chat Assistants
  2. Voice Assistants
  3. Fraud Detection
  4. Real-time Automation
  5. Personalization
  1. Transcription
  2. Analytics
  3. QA Automation
  4. Translation
  5. Learning & Development

Ready to launch or expand
your AI initiative?

We've built a set of diagnostic and quick start offerings to help you
understand your readiness to launch an AI initiative.

CX AI readiness assessment Identify your company's readiness to leverage AI solutions in your CX to build competitive advantage
AI Roadmap Gain a foundational understanding of generative AI and build an actionable plan for implementation for your company.

Already have a plan and just need some help?

Our TTEC teams have built solutions across the AI spectrum.

Private Large
Language Models

Private large language models and managed services that are trained on client's proprietary data sets to drive AI-infused engagement.

Digital Channel Accelerator

A disciplined approach to integrating conversational messaging and intelligent routing into omnichannel customer journeys.

Digital Channel Accelerator
Generative AI Empowered Associate

Augment associate performance through conversational knowledge bases, automated contact summaries, and AI-based real-time coaching to improve speed to proficiency, lower AHT, and increase CSAT

Generative AI Empowered Associate
Associate Knowledge Assist

Augment associate productivity with a conversational knowledge base that is designed, trained, and continually updated. Simplify the associate experience with customized bots built to pinpoint specific information and simplify administrative tasks.

Associate Knowledge Assist
Advanced AI Analytics

Sophisticated models to harness the computing power of machine learning to improve the customer experience through micro customer segmentation and real-time customized journeys.

Advanced AI Analytics
AI Operations Data Enhancement

A framework and dedicated team trained to annotate and enrich images, data and audio to fuel AI model development.

AI Operations Data Enhancement

Why partner with TTEC?

TTEC is a leading expert in CX technology and services. We are empathetic humans who help the world's most customer-centric brands design and deliver amazing experiences for their customers. Our cross-functional team of software engineers, data scientists, journey architects, trainers, quality assurance experts, and front-line associates know what it takes to make your customers happy.

Along with our partners, TTEC has been pioneering AI solutions within the contact center for decades. High-growth firms like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Genesys, Cisco and more trust us as a partner of choice to make CX dreams a reality with AI.

We are passionate about helping brands like yours navigate the rapidly changing AI CX landscape. This resource hub was created to help you find what you need to design, build, and launch your AI initiatives in your company. And don't worry if you feel like you don't know everything. We will do our best to keep you updated on what's now and what's new so come back often.

Want to understand how AI can help you?
Personalize your customer journey
Simplify your
employee experience
Improve overall operating efficiencies