3 ways conversation intelligence can transform the contact center

Conversation intelligence lets brands tap into insights more deeply than ever before. With the right AI-enabled tools, you can listen in on every interaction taking place in the contact center (not just some) and comb through all that data to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.
With these insights in hand, brands can make better-informed, data-driven decisions that improve experiences and efficiencies in the contact center.
In particular, conversation intelligence can have major impacts in three key areas.

1. Problem identification

First and foremost, conversation intelligence serves as a diagnostic tool – always searching for potential topics, sentiments, and issues that are trending. Consider it your eyes and ears, letting you know what customers are saying and how they’re feeling.
Through established analytics dashboards or custom search tools, conversation intelligence empowers contact center leaders with the ability to track macro-level trends in the contact center like never before.
For instance, conversation intelligence solutions can help identify:
  • Operational issues
  • Process issues
  • Product issues
  • Customer problems


2. Feedback integration

Conversation intelligence also captures customer sentiment at an aggregate level. Algorithms powered by generative AI can measure customer sentiment across all channels, from both established customer feedback tools and raw conversation data.
All this data is extremely powerful, but only if brands put it to use to improve the customer experience. In addition to keeping a pulse on customer satisfaction, companies should use this data to incorporate feedback and inform decisions.

3. Strategy enablement

One of conversation intelligence’s greatest benefits is that it connects customer conversation data to other critical customer data points, which gives brands a more holistic view of customers and a greater understanding about what impacts their decisions – before, during, and after interactions.
This can inform new training strategies and journey enhancements that might not have been visible otherwise. Conversation intelligence can enable things like:
  • Strategic decision making
  • Product enhancements
  • Product innovations
  • Targeted coaching and training
With the right conversation intelligence tools, brands can gain a deeper understanding customers and how to meet their needs, which translates into better experiences for customers and employees alike.

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