AI research separates hype from reality. Where do you fit?

By Elizabeth Glagowski

Most companies are eager to implement AI solutions to improve customer experiences, but few have the data or technology ready to go to make it happen.

Those are some of the insights gleaned from TTEC Digital’s State of AI in the Contact Center research report. The research was designed to define where the CX market is when it comes to AI adoption, and what’s holding them back.

A majority of respondents (56%) cited improving associate efficiency as their top goal of deploying AI, followed by improving customer satisfaction (48%), reducing costs (47%), and reducing customer effort (38%).

But current AI adoption is limited. No AI contact center activity topped a 35% adoption rate. Lack of integrated cloud technology, foundational customer data, and privacy/security issues were common roadblocks to further adoption. On the bright side, many respondents were optimistic about accelerating AI adoption over the next 12 months.

Other highlights of the study: 

  • Brands hope AI-driven interactions can represent >60% of all conversations with their customers, but only 36% of customer conversationsare currently happening on digital channels.
  • 58% of respondents cited data privacy and security as having a major impact on their ability to implement AI solutions.
  • Sentiment analysisis the most common AI activity in practice today in the contact center, but with only a 35% adoption rate.

Learn more about the study and what it all means by watching the TTEC Digital webinar, “2023 State of AI in the Contact Center Report,” or download the study.

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