AI velocity creates new revenue opportunities

By Denise Power, Senior Writer

Get ready for some real AI velocity in the year ahead — and new avenues to turn a cost center into a profit center.

That’s the prediction from two CX experts who examined opportunities — and challenges — uncovered in the newly released CX Trends 2024. TTEC’s Nick Cerise, chief marketing officer, and Tom Lewis, global leader, CX consulting, analytics, and AI, TTEC Digital, shared their insights during the “Unveiling CX game changers for 2024” LinkedIn Live webinar.

“2024 is going to be a year of action,” said Cerise, who also serves as global head of RevGen, TTEC Engage. Organizations that embed AI into the experience and seek out ways to monetize engagement will squeeze the most value out of AI in 2024. Instead of expecting AI to deliver unrealistic automation savings overnight, look for revenue-generation opportunities, he said.

Optimize customer engagement with personalization
Lewis said there is a right way, and wrong way, to approach this service-to-sales journey. Prioritizing CX experience is paramount.

“Every call is unique — where the customer started from a service perspective and where that leads from a sales perspective,” he said. “Tools, analytics, and data can show you what works in a formulaic, constructive way.

“When you’re doing service and pivoting to a sales opportunity, the focus is to add value and not trap them or put speed bumps in the way,” Lewis added. Solve the customer issue first, then segue to a sales conversation that’s valuable to the customer.

“This is going to be a year of deeper experimentation and willingness to learn,” Cerise said. “There’s not as much fear of failure, either. We feel we’re starting to get our arms around some of these things. That’s exciting to me.”

Join the on-demand “Unveiling CX game changers for 2024” webinar and check out CX Trends 2024 to see how CX and EX will evolve in 2024.

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